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Our aim is to foster the professional development and welfare of our staff in an economically viable organisation, and to continue to create and expand our products to suit the demands and requirements of our clients. more>>

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Floor levelling compounds designed to achieve a smooth, flat surface. more »


Sure Level

Adhesives for ceramic, terracotta, monocotta, slate stone and quarry tiles. more »


Sure Flex

Fine fairing mortars and non-shrinking grouts for concrete repair. more »


Sure Finish

Surface render compounds designed to give a textured or smooth finish. more »


Sure Cover


Melbourne Central

Over 400 tonne has gone into ensuring the floor at Melbourne Central was level and sub contractors were in an excellent position to successfully lay tiles. The tiling around the clock basis preparing and covering 300 to 500 square meters per shift. The flooring contractor prepared the existing concrete floor by shot blasting away any loose surface material vacuuming, priming and then pumping in Sure Level NS40 to provide a smooth surface for the tiling contractor to lay his tiles at the next 12 hour shift. read more

Eureka Tower Project - From Construction Review Magazine

Sure Level is a specialist company with a well-earned reputation for creating high quality and effective cement based chemical solutions for the construction industry. The company is dedicated to best practice production and work methods, which in turn is a guarantee of consistent high quality product to the market. Operating primarily as a manufacturer for the wholesale and direct trade market, Sure Level’s range of products used in the domestic, industrial, and construction industries are now distributed widely throughout Australia and New Zealand. read more