About Sure Level

Corporate Philosophy
Sure Level was incorporated in July 1995, and has grown in size since then because of our absolute and dedicated approach to our wholesale area and direct sales market clients.

Our aim is to foster the professional development and welfare of our staff and business partners in an economically viable organisation.

Our Vision
Our company is dedicated to the provision of efficient professional and quality assured work methods and products, to suit our wholesale markets and direct sale areas of our business in Australia, the Middle East and in the U.S.A.

Committed to Excellence
Our business has grown considerably since its incorporation in 1995, today Sure Level is sought after to design and formulate specialty product ranges for some of the larger corporations and provide manufacturing of these product ranges to suit the clients quality assurance program.

History of Sure Level
Sure Level has been primarily involved with the wholesale market since 1995 with growth now extending into the direct trade arena. Sure Level now manufactures and markets a variety of products in the Middle Eastern countries.

The company’s manufacturing plant is situated in Thomastown Victoria provides for the wholesale and direct trade market for Australia and New Zealand. Overseas operations are located in major cities in the Middle East.

Sure Level has now developed production and distribution facilities in the Middle East and the USA.

Sure Level is a quality accredited company conforming to AS/NZS ISO: 9001:2008.

Sure Level has achieved certification so that we can better ensure our customer’s requirements. Due to our accreditation, Sure Level has policies and procedures in place to ensure that the product manufactured meets the high standards of the quality accreditation. Only our plant located in Thomastown, Victoria Australia is compliant with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008, our joint venture partners in other locations around the world, are looking to achieve this accreditation in the future.