Sure Flex 6004

Two Component High Performance Adhesive

Sure Flex 6004 (Two Part) is suitable for interior or exterior bonding of most types of ceramic wall and floor tiles including monocottura, porcelain tiles, slate, quarry tiles, terracotta and natural stone bonded to concrete, cementitious screeds, brick work, block work, cement sheet and more difficult surfaces like timber sheet flooring or polystyrene sheet. Individual soft wood or hardwood flooring boards should be covered in a compressed cement sheet set down at the required distances set down by the manufacturer prior to the Sure Flex SF 6004 application.

The adhesive is deformable and will tolerate minor movement under high stress. Sure Flex 6004 is suitable for underfloor heating tile installations where thick or thin bed fixing is required. or when continuous immersion in water is proposed as would be found in swimming pools or water retaining structures.