Melbourne Central


Over 400 tonne has gone into ensuring the floor at Melbourne Central was level and sub contractors were in an excellent position to successfully lay tiles.

The tiling around the clock basis preparing and covering 300 to 500 square meters per shift.

The flooring contractor prepared the existing concrete floor by shot blasting away any loose surface material vacuuming, priming and then pumping in Sure Level NS40 to provide a smooth surface for the tiling contractor to lay his tiles at the next 12 hour shift.

Sure Level NS40 provides a trafficable surface within 1.5 to 3 hours depending on temperature and is ready for tiling 12 hours later, to tie in with the next tiling shift.

Sure Level NS40 is the material to use in floor renovations for major or minor shopping centres where the shot blasting or tiled areas in general must be done through the night to allow the floor to be trafficked by the public through the day and tiled at night with virtually no inconvenience to the public through the day regarding safety or loss of trafficable area.